topup my cards-debit and credit


I just start using revolut. I wanted to topup my account with a certain RON amount via debit/credit cards, to exchange and to make some payments. Unfortunately, the topup limits for the cards are too small (at 10% of of the stated topup limits (GBP1000-GBP3000) for cards on Revolut site), making Revolut unuseful.

I contacted revolut via the apps, but no answer for 2 days.However, I have had other questions as well, in regard to uploading via credit cards- whether the upload is seen as a bank transfer or as a purchase, but no answer.

Any chance for fast solutions?


Hi Constantin,

Have you already verified your identity/account?
If not, please do so as this will increase your limits significantly.

With regards to your second question:
I guess you are planning to generate „miles or rewards“ on the credit card you use for top up?
If so, whether this will be accepted as purchase will pretty much depend on the way your credit card company is handling this. I sense that especially when you will use this extensively your cc company might not considers this top ups as purchases.

Hope this helps.


doesn’t help at all. revolut is charging me on either debit or credit card used to top up my revolut account. the amounts introduced for settlement are 1.4-1.9% higher than the amounts asked to load the revolut account. it is not anymore interesting.

also, I tried to transfer the amounts gathered in my revolut account, but the transfer was blocked, the account is blocked due to security reasons. why were not security reasons evoked when I topped up my revolut account?