TopUp limit


Why do different users get different topup limits?

My colleague does not face the same issues,
his topup limits are higher,
why in my case I have to justify anything?


they do a sort of credit check when you sign up and decide your initial limit. you must be uglier than your friend I guess.

then, when doing the top-up limit lifting, they will ask for actual documents to see how much you are actually worth and estimate how much money would you able to move without raising ML alarms.

don’t expect a limit higher than your salary for example

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there is no income info from Romania,
I doubt they can get it

you should at least leave the impression you know what you are talking about before yo uare playing smart ass

where should be these justification documents sent?

I only speak for my own experiencee. I got a higher initial topup limit than a friend who got a higher limit than mine after the verification.

during the verification you will be asked for proof of income, however you do that in Romania I don’t care but you will be asked to show your income and show it’s honest money.

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through the in-app chat. after you get in contact with someone from the right team

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should be there any chat?

in profile area?

on help, at the bottom. at least on the android app

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More> Help> Write to us

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thank you both,
I will send them paperwork …

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