Topup limit and other ideas


Here are some ideas:

  • Make the process to define the top up limit much clearer to avoid wasting time with the support team.
  • Reduced fees for premium members. ( 1.5% is high compared to exchange trading, you can check on premium members if a reduced fees generates more trading activity and hence more revenu for you)
  • Partnership to offer investment service. ISAs and SIPPs have huge FX fees. If you don’t plan this please say that it’s not in your immediate plans. (huge customer value)
  • Monthly savings in crypto then stocks. Give a public figure on how much net crypto is bought on a monthly basis through this service to build confidence in a growing market.
  • Credit score in UK. (Clearscore has been bought for just allowing to display credit score for free, you could do the same quite easily)
  • possibility to import others external debit card. It’s a good way to centralize all your card numbers.
  • Account summary page with balance in all currencies/cryptos and the total in your main currency
  • Web portal to view online the same content as in the mobile app.