Topup issue with "Curve" Card and "Bux" Trading!


I recently opened an account with a very promising fintech called “Curve”. It’s different from Revolut considering it issues a debit card which can be used as a substitute to all your existing debit/credit cards as an underlying payment option. (check google for Curve card, it is revolutionary!)

Now this card issued by curve is a “debit” card and strictly personal. But obviously for some good reasons Revolt considers it as Commercial and charges for topup. However and more importantly, the top-up always fails for some unknown reason saying “merchant not supported”.

Another promising fintech startup named “BUX” doesn’t work with Revolut as every top-up in their trading app fails from Revolut side with the reason saying “3d secure authentication not perofrmed” and “merchant not supported”.


Turn back your curve card and see if there is the word commercial. I had the same problem, you just ask curve to give you a personal, non business card.

Also, revolut does not provide 3d security.


I have Curve personal card and I use this card to top up Revolut without any problems.


Is your underlying card a credit card for curve, and does Revolut recognize your curve card as “commercial”? @redi?


No, debit card, and my Curve card is recognized as a “Personal” (without fee during topup)


Very strange :thinking:. My card is a personal debit card and I can top up Revolut with no problem.