TopUp fee with mastercard from INGDirect ?

I recently moved my main bank to Ingdirect (online French bank).
When trying to topup with my the recevied card, I’m billed a little fee. But it’s nor a commercial card neither an outside-EU or $ card.
It’s really personnal, EU, € card, simply …

Can you check why I’m billed a fee ? This render the app almost useless.

Best regards

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Hey PandamiK

What kind of card is it? Sometimes mistakes happen and a personal card is seen as a corporate one. To fix this please contact support and help them make it right. It might require you to prove the card is in fact not a corporate card.

It’s a direct debit mastercard. Seems built by Gemalto. I’ll try to contact the support but they’ll ask me to provide a certificate from the bank that the associated account is a personnal one and it will take days to resolve …

Best regards

Hey PandemiK

Yeah, unfortunately it will be a little bit of hassle. Sorry.