TopUP error 4000.1113



I am new in revolut. Actually I have a problem with toping up my account for the first time.

I used more cards to be sure, also use my card with bank that I know it works. Because of my friend that already top tup his own revolut. I am usinf iOS device with iOS 12 beta. Same setup as me have my friend he haven’t any problem.

Every time i try to tup up i get error. Type the card numbers by my self or using the camera. Every time u got error called : Transaction Failed, because a value of a fields is too long. Please check your input and try again. (4000.1113)

Thank you for you help, support.



Don’t expect that someone from the support will answere here :smile: write them via in App Chat and /or on Twitter

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Hi there. As I can see you have managed to top up your account! Is that right?



Welcome back Andreas - we missed you :grinning:



That looks more like an error from the bank. :man_shrugging:t3:
I had those with ING when they worked in the system and were not able to answer the request from :r:



I am now and I have absolutely same problem. Every time I try to tup up my account i get “transaction failed 400.1113”. I try two diffrent debit card from diferent bank, but same result.

Any help?



Are you a beta user, too?



no I am not a beta user. A I’m regular new user of Revolut apps… download from official AppStore. And I have no change to top up my account, because it’s impossible to add debit or credit card. Every time I try to add card I get error!

I use iOS 12, iPhone 8 Plus

Thank you for your help…

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It is not error from the bank.

The problem is that you have too long name, adress or something else in your billing info. Just make it shorter an you will be ok. :slight_smile:

I am trying to post, help here but every my post must be aproved, this is very bad system anyway…

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Hi Vaclav,
thanks a lot for your advice! My name has 5 letters and surname 9 latters. Do you think that it is to long? Anyway I would like to make it shorter, but thare is no chance to edit name in the Revolut apps. I can edit only Home address, Phone number or Email.



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This is how I fix it. Sorry I was unable to answer you coz of aproving posts :slight_smile: . This is the problem from revolut, they have enable long names and other informations in their name and billing fields :wink:



Hi Vaclav!
Finally it is working! Thanks a lot for your help! Problem was i the name of City in Adress… it was to City name was to long. I make it shorter and now it works!




I am curious!
What’s the city? :joy: