TopUp Charged Twice!!!

So I attempted to top-up my Revolut account using my Spanish Credit Card (as I wanted to buy something in the UK) and the app crashed a couple of times trying to access the 3D authentication webpage of my bank, finally it worked, I typed in my SMS info and the top up worked - this was the 4th of December, straight away I could see on my card that the funds were taken.

However today, checking the credit card, its taking the same amount twice - which has cause my card to go over its limit (it was a 1700e top up!)

The chat, says 24hrs for someone to contact me - really?

yesterday was high load on :r: servers and support caused by new release. Is this amount blocked in your Credit card or already charged?
Try to wait for support or contact @anon33247966 by direct message on this forum, he could help you.

Thanks, its bank holiday here in Spain today, so I can’t even talk to the bank to reserve the charge, hopeful Revolut will reply to me sooner rather than later

Spoke with online support, who I have to say was very rude, insinuating that I had topped up the wrong account, that revolut don’t charge fees, when it clearly stated a 17.50e fee etc etc

No help what so ever, just tells me to contact the bank

How, it is impossible to top up another account, become of terms of use, second account will be blocked. Real strange issue. Let us know here in forum when you resolve issue.

I’m sure its a issue with the 3DSecure thing, when the App crashed. But I only confirmed (via SMS code) one payment - I’m not really worried about the amount being missing - as I’m sure it will return to the card - but the support has a lot to be desired, and the fact I’m now only my limit, through no fault of my own.

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Hi Richard.

As I can see only one top up was completed, the rest have been reverted back.

Regarding the fees applied, please note there’s 1% fee if you’re topping up with credit card.

Hello. I topped up my Revolut card twice with the same amount in DKK from the same Danish account. Today I see that in my Danish account the money has been charged twice, but in my Revolut account i onyl received it once. I called my Danish bank and they say I have to contact Revolut, as they just proceed the transfer twice as I did. Revolut chat did not give me any solution in the short-term. Just told me to wait. But I am scared as it is a high amonunt of money, that I need. Can anyone help me? Thanks

@claramorales you are not alone.

Hi there.

We are aware of a top-up issue that impacted a small group of our customers. We have been in constant contact with two of our partner payment providers to resolve the issue. No Revolut customers are out of pocket. All our customer’s funds that have been affected have been swiftly reverted.

Hi, also topped once charged twice here. Waiting for my money back. #nostress

Yep, I confirm that the fund was swiftly reverted. The only thing is that it was a huge surprise for me and for others the realize that R charged our accounts twice without any notice.
I know that thing happens … But R has all our contact details (phone, e-mail, etc.). Next time, if it happens, please inform your customers in any appropriate way. It will increase the honest relationship with your customers and customers feel themselves safety in such a case.


@anon33247966 I made topup from my visa card to my revolut account on Sunday and today I can see that amount was reduced from my card but i have same amount still as blocked so It has been blocked twice. This was fairly big amount of money and i have no money on my account left due double charge.

Hi there,

I have experienced doubling the top up charge on four transactions in the last two weeks.
Could you do something to solve this?


It’s the third time in a row when this happens. It seems to be happening only for weekend top-ups.
Is somebody doing something related to this issue?

Hello. I tried to top up my Revolut card with 50£ frome my Lloyds account
Today I sow that in my Lloyds account the money has been charged twice, but in my Revolut account i only received it once.

@anon33247966 I have topped up £800 on 5th June from a HSBC debit card and I have been charged twice, which is quite a significant amount. In my Revolut account, I only received £800. I need to use this £800 urgently and I can’t reach anyone from in-app chat. Could you please help with this as soon as you can? Thanks a ton in advacne!

Hi has your problem get solved and how?

My top up charged me 3 times today.

Sorry to badge in but I’m unable to contact anyone on live chat, it’s been “looki for an agent” for 30min. I’m unable to create own topic too for some reason…

Since top up charged me 3 times, I wanted to transfer money back to my UK external bank account. I wanted to add new beneficiary however I get the message “Invalid Sort code…”

Well it is valid, UK sort code is just 6 digits. It looks like my money stuck.

Can anyone help me?
And I can’t provide screenshot as app does not allow screenshots…

Go in to the ap and use the chat
Write live agent and wait for someone to get in touch with you.
Another way is to send them a message on Facebook