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Newbie, so please excuse if this has been answered elsewhere.

I’m trying to understand the concept of topup limits:

Currently my limit is £25k, the basic. Now, supposing I want to buy a house in France for the euro equivalent of £25k. (Cheap I know). I top up my GBP account with £25k (my limit) and convert it to xx€ Using Revolut. OK, I’ve used my annual limit.

I buy the house but then decide it’s a bad idea. The owner, being a kind French person, agrees to refund me my xx€ to my Revolut account. I convert that back to GBP.

What is my topup amount? Just the original 25K or is it now 50k (original 25k plus refund 25k)?

Th answer has significant impact on my potential return.

If you can verify the amount and where it comes from you can have your limit rised.
Your topup is then 50k

In that case it would be 50,000. Twice 25,000. Unless he reverses the exact transaction but Revolut better confirms that.

Overall you should increase the limit if you plan to get close to it, otherwise it will be more than likely that your account gets blocked and then you have to provide documents anyhow.

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Thanks Ivan. So my limit is the sum of output and input. What happens if my 25k house increases in value to, say, 35 K? My 50k limit won’t be enough. I’ll need to try to increase my topup limit each time? Then what happens if I’m refused?

If you expect to receive a lot of money you should provide revolut with the documents that indicates the amounts. You limit is based on the information you provide. Starting low and rising (did for me)
If you receive a big amount (above your limit) it will be frozen until you provide revolut with documentation for the money.
If you house increase you can provide revolut some documentation for the new value (in case you will sell) and the limit will be risen (I hope) :grinning:

Thanks Ivan. I’ll do so when I get back home. But my query still stands - is the topup limit actually 1/2 of the likely input-output level? What happens if ‘profit’ then takes it over this amount?

Be in touch soon.


Great, thanks :grinning

It is as outlined earlier.