Topping up with SEPA Transfer - address missing



I am trying to top up my Revolut account via SEPA Transfer in EUR from a CHF account.
I have personalised EUR IBAN details (Beneficiary = me, IBAN and BIC) but no corresponding address. I need to indicate the precise address and the country.

Can you please tell me which address should I input? Revolut address in London? Mine?..

Thank you!


Should be yours.


Two thought about this:

To me this sounds more like a SWIFT transfer than a SEPA transfer. Or your bank hasn’t implemented SEPA transfers properly.

The SEPA standard does not include the reciever’s address. Only name + IBAN is necessary, and even things like reference code and purpose are optional.

I would talk with the support of the sender’s bank first to see what is going on here.

If you still want to know an address, you can check some of the other bank details for top-ups in the Revolt app for other currencies. I remember having seen an address there somewhere.


Good point. If the bank is a CHF account then it will be using SWIFT rather than SEPA.


And another note: if you’re sending CHF to your EUR IBAN, the money will be exchanged into EUR by Revolut’s partner bank. This is expensive. So make sure to send EUR or use your CHF account details as shown in Revolut’s app. Never make a cross currency transfer. Exchange should happen afterward in the app.