Topping up with Credit Cards


So I’m wondering if any of you hold rewards cards and top-up Revolut with them

Could you guys tell me which ones attract fees and which don’t? Particularly interested in cards issued by NewDay Ltd (such as Amazon’s card, Aqua Rewards etc)


I use Aqua Reward as my default topup card. I haven’t been charged fees by Aqua so far and hopefully that won’t change, as 0.5% cashback is nice to have…

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I have Aqua and Amazon. Plus a Santander CC too. I always topped up via “Curve” and never been charged… however last week I topped up using Curve that’s linked to my Revolut and was charged on every card a cash fee.


I thought this may happen as Revolut recently changed their MCC to a money order rather than financial services … what a shame; @AndreasK can we look into having the old MCC back?

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My most recent direct topups with aqua are 13, 15 and 17 February, without charge, so you may have better luck linking the card directly.

Of course, the industry seems to be clamping down on this, so I would expect charges on all cards sooner or later

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Don’t suppose you’d feel like giving it a shot now? To confirm it

Edit: 17th of February would be today nvm I’m stupid

The last two are still pending, so it could have changed :man_shrugging:

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Once it clears could you give a post here on any fees that appear?

Yes, no probs. It’ll take a day or two though, I think

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Yeah, I think once it clears pending that’s when you get charged. I’d be interested to see what happens too!

I use my aqua card for the automated topups, so I’ve got transactions on 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15 February that have all cleared without a charge…

I think the bigger problem is that I have no faith the situation won’t change - there’s just too much uncertainty at the moment around how this type of transaction is handled.

I suspect this sort of usage has also strongly contributed to aqua withdrawing the reward card for new customers

It should work perfectly fine. It’s a normal expense as far as the issuer is concerned.

Transaction on 17th has also cleared without charge.