Topping up whilst abroad?

Hi there,

Sorry if this is a daft question but I am using my Revolut card for the first time next week when I go to Portugal and in the guides it says to top up before we leave. So, does this mean I can’t top up whilst away from a UK debit card? Or have I got that wrong and can just top up anytime whilst I’m away?

Also, do I need to convert from GBP to Euros in the app before using the card or does it automatically just take from the GBP amount but at the best rate?


Hi! You will be able to top up whilst abroad :slight_smile: It’s not mandatory that you exchange your GBP, but I recommend doing it during the week (as there is a higher rate on weekends) so you won’t be charged any surprise fees there! :r:

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It is still good advice to get familiar with how top-ups work in advance. Wire transfers might take some time. People run into all sorts of problems when sending money from accounts not in their name. Top-up cards need to be verified properly. If you are all set, topping up from abroad works just fine.

Thanks very much for the replies! I have already topped up £10 just to check it all worked and then used it to buy something from the supermarket here and it all worked fine so hopefully should be no issues whilst away.

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