Topping up standard Revolut card with HSBC debit card. Is it free?

Hello. Today I managed to top up my standard Revolut card using my HSBC visa debit card.
(This is British pounds to British pounds account transfer)
Is this free or are there any charges?

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No charges for debit cards that are in your domestic currency :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding but are you sure? I read lots of posts about non EEA country cards being charged and the UK is now ‘non EEA’ apparently.
(I’m from Great Britain)
Also something about codings having recently changed.

Well. Technically not yet.

Back to topic: Revolut might charge you for business cards. Or if their system recognizes the card in a different currency. But whatever the case might be: they show you the fee upfront. If you think their system recognizes your card incorrectly, you can contact support, they might be able to refund fees or update the system.

Also, Revolut isn’t responsible for fees HSBC might charge you. Some banks have fees for “cash advance” or “money transfer”. And there’s no general rule how banks process a transaction like this.

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Thanks. Yes I thought only HSBC might charge. Will wait and see. Thanks.