Topping-up My Three mobile account


Have any other users had problems in registering their card online with Three mobile? It takes the money from my Revolut account (but my credit with Three does not increase). A few hours later the transaction is reversed and the money appears back in my Revolut account. Just me with this problem?


If you’re desperate it could be worth going to a store and using your mastercard to buy a mobile phone top up


Have you check if Three supports prepaid cards?


Thanks Frank and James - both valid points. Not desperate, using top-up vouchers. But intend travelling overseas (vouchers not available), so will stock up afore I go. I was just interested if anyone had experienced the same problem.


I’m not sure whether this policy is just exclusive to Three, but typically mobile phone providers do not accept pre-paid cards (To reduce fraud, spam, robo-calls, …).


I’ve definitely used my Revolut card to top up my Three account on the website, when it wouldn’t accept my normal debit card for some reason!