topping up in NZD

Hi guys,

I have just moved to New Zealand and I wanted to top up my revolut card in NZD using a NZ credit card.

I added the card to my account, then I have clicked on “plus” near my NZD account to top it up and it switched to EUR. It is very strange, any ideas why I can’t top up in NZD using a nz card?

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It’s not supported.

Check FAQs. :wink:

Unless you still have a residence in Europe, you’d be unfortunately not eligible for a Revolut account any longer.

What’s the timeframe for Revolut’ion in NZ?

There is none available so far.

i know, im asking about progress on NZ. i think it was Q1 then Q2, im just wondering what is the estimate now

If you know that there is not timeframe, why are you asking?

As far as I am aware there is nothing of that sort.

companies set goals, im just asking is it public.

I am still a resident of Poland. so no problem with that.

It is a real shame that there is no plan to support NZD. I see that AUD is supported so… it is really inconvenient.

So you still have a registration there and could prove that if it comes to it?

NZD are supported as a currency. You just can’t have an account in NZD. Also: every other person thinks that it is a shame that his/her very currency can’t bei hold.

I can’t believe too many people own/pay in NZD. :man_shrugging:t3:

like 5 million people plus 3.5M tourists per year

Alejandro, that is just 2 football teams more than the cities of Praha and Budapest. :smiley:

And it is even less than the metropolitan area of the Ruhrgebiet:

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Definitly I do. :slight_smile:

Plus all people on working holiday visas, temporary work visa etc…

Then you are good to go :+1: :slight_smile: