Topping up from UAE bank transfer (adcb) how? Also different(ish) surname

Hi there,

I have some issues/questions on how to sort out transfers. If this all works out to my liking I should be doing regular salary transfers.

Firstly, does anyone have any experience doing the transfer from ADCB bank? I cannot see where to put the reference number (attached screenshot without personal details)

Second, I saw things on the community about annual top up limits, but I don’t have an option for limits and verifications on my account?

Thirdly, the UAE (and other middle east countries) don’t seem to support hyphens at all. So while my name is in this format: “Firstname Middlename Last-Name”, in my UAE ID/Bank account it is like this: “Firstname Middlename Last Name”

Next question, does the transfer limit count for topups? For example, I am looking at my first major topup to be about 55000 AED into the AED account. Assuming I have no issues, I will get premium before actually exchanging it and withdrawing to my UK account.

Any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:



Soo, I have been waiting for support for about 30 hours. I see a notifcation that someone wants to talk apologising for the delay.

I open the app, there is nothing there. I type a bit, no responeses (it still says an agent will be with you shortly).

So I wait, reopen app, open app on another device enter chat many times… nothing. A bit over an hour later, I get another notification saying how the chat will be archived and if I need more help don’t hesitate to contact (or thereabouts, not verbatim).

This is a bit too much for me. I really want to use this app, and I will give the support benifit of the doubt as there was just a major release and I imagine they were overwhelmed, but please can someone just email me or something, as waiting for hours constantly checking the app is driving me crazy!!


Theres also a “payee short name” that i use to label the beneficiary, however I think thats an internal reference?

I’ve also messaged the bank from their end to ask about the reference thing, will update if I get any feedback there first!

In some banks I was using/working with that would be the “purpose of transfer” field, but you may want to verify with your bank, that they indeed pass this as the transfer title.

kvothe any news regarding this matter?