Topping up from an euro account


Hi all,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jose and I am living in the UK. Recently, I have opened a revolut account, and I would like to make a transference, from my Spanish account in euros, to my revolut account in pounds . However, the Spanish bank applies a poor exchange rate, so how could I do this self-transference? Revolut offers any service for that purpose (credit card is not an option, given that I would like to transfer around 5000€)? Are third party services allowed for that?

Thank you so much!


Hi smrz,
I suggest you top up EUR account in :r:, it is LT IBAN account, and you can top up your personal Revolut EUR account using the card, bank transfer or any other methods (transfer wise, etc) and convert it in Revolut app to pounds or any other currency you need. But remember, that some of the old fashion bank does not recognize Revolut’s IBAN/BIC


Thank you so much kylo32. Your idea has been perfect! It is what I did, and it worked!

Best wishes,