Topping up euro account

Hi, I have a German current account at a local bank. I also have a revolut euro account. I want to top my euro account by transferring money from the German account however I can only do it manually as revolut doesn’t accept maestro cards. Where can I find the IBAN of my Revolut euro account?

More> Profile> Account data> EUR
Tab “Local”
Of course you have activated local (personal) account, right?

I didn’t know that they aren’t accept Maestro…
Are you sure? On this forum you can find people who typed up by this…

But there are some issues too :wink:

That requires identity verification. I asked a live agent and he said account can be topped up without verification as well. When I go to local. Only the beneficiary name and BIC is stated

You can topup without verification, but you cannot spend this money… It’ll be frozen until you’re verified…

Local in here:

Yes, simply verify it then.

Yes I don’t mind if money is frozen. I want to top up. But I can’t find my IBAN.

On my screenshot (above) you can see where it is (second black line :wink:). Path you have in my first answer

Waiting for my residence permit

In that case you are not eligible for an account at this moment. You need to have a valid permit to keep an account.

I don’t see that line 29939816_10155697000617683_1057637990_n

As you can see- you have to activate this account. (I’ve asked you about it in my first answer :wink:)
Tap this (pink?) button.

yeah but i need verification for that, i asked if top up can be done without verification

Hmmm, i didn’t know that.
So use the second tab (SWIFT).
Do not forget to type referrence number.
And the second thing- this transfer can be slower and more expensive. How expensive? You have to ask in your bank.

Isnt swift transfer for international transfers. Im transferring from my german account to euro. Isnt that supposed to be SEPA?

I can only stress again that you are not eligible for a Revolut account at this point if you dont have a valid EEA residency.

I will get my German Residence Permit soon

Soon ≠ Currently

You need a valid residency to open an account.

Yes, it is, but still available in that case.

Whats the difference between local and swift?

Time and price- SWIFT lasts longer and is more expensive.