Topping up by SEB bank (Latvia) card


Can’t add SEB bank card because verification page is blank. No problems with other banks cards.


Hey @Andrey :slight_smile:

This is unfortunately a known problem :frowning:


Just out of curiosity, could you try installing (if it’s not installed already) or disabling (if it’s already installed) Android WebvView on your phone and see if anything changes?


I tried it. Doesn’t work.


Can you try to top using Apple/Google Pay?


Apple/Google Pay isn’t available in Latvia.


i’ve got SEB(lithuania), and i have no problems with it


Same here. cant add the card


I believe this is problem on SEB (LV) side of things. Push SEB to fix it. If they don’t do it in reasonable time frame - change your bank if there is no strongs ties (like mortgage, credits, etc).

@Andrey - I did read on other forum, that recently SEB changed something in their end. Try now. Maybe its finally working.