Topping up by Bank wire



i use revolut since a year now and i told my father in Italy to join too.

Here in UK, i always used my debit card to top up my account but he wants to use bank transfer.

Now when he clicks on bank transfer he has 2 choices “Local or Swift”, i understand that the Swift choice would make you pay some fees to your bank so the right one should be “Local”.

Above the Local/Swift choice, there is written GBP account and i was wondering, since he is in Italy and paying in Euro, would it be a problem? Because there are no other options besides “Activate account”.

(I also noticed that if i do the same, i have only EUR account and not GBP).

Can you help me understanding it?



Hey Marco4, as your father are doing a transfer in EURO inside the EAA he should do it with the information located under the “local” tab. This will be a SEPA transfer.

Under the EUR click the “Activate account” and he will get a personal IBAN number for which he can use for the transfer.


Hi, thanks for your help.

The only thing i do not understand, it is why to him (which is in Italy) it appears “GBP” account in the upper part and not “EUR”, this is why i did not proceed by clicking “Activate account”.


His base currency is determined from the address used when he signed up. Did he use his italien residence when signing up ?


Of course, italy, he lives there


Moreover, if i click on the accounts list, it appears the “Eur 0,00€” account (it would be his first top up) and once i click on it, it appears the “EUR account” page with the “Activate account” button but if he clicks on activate account, he asks him to verify the account by topping up by card or bank transfer and if he then selects bank transfer (for verification) he is brought back to the GBP account page.


You need to verify your account with a debit card.