"Topped up so far" is misleading


The new “Verification and limits” section is misleading.

The screenshot shows that it mentions “topped up so far” while the amount which concurs to the limit is made up by both top-ups and money received from friends.

Can you please correct the information?



I can’t find any correlation between the figure shown in V&L and any actual top ups. For a start my figure in V&L is in EUR, and I top up in £. I’m now close to the limit according to one scale, but well away on another.

It’s a misleading thing indeed. However the ‘limit close’ warning seems to be triggered by the figure in V&L and not what you’ve actually topped up.

Watching the thread with interest.


Hi @caprotti,

Thank you for contacting us.

Can you please resend the screenshot?


Andreas K.



Ok thank you.

Interanal transfers and bank transfers are considered TopUs.


Thanks. Therefore the description in the screenshot should be updated as to include internal transfers.
Something like “received so far (by top-up or friends)”