Topped up accounts and exchanged money lower and continuing to lower

Hi I topped up account wirh £400 British Stirling I then changed it to polish zloty the full £400 I go to poland weds and the amount it is Now worth £10 less in pounds sterling and continues to go down and down I do not understand I thought there were no charges !! So now I only have £390 in British Stirling !!

Could be one of two reasons:

  • Since you exchaged your money the exchange rate has improved. (and continues to improve)
  • There is a reduced exchange rate at the weekend which makes it look like your PLN is worth less in £.

This is not a :r: charge it is a lack of understanding of how :r: works. i would suggest as a lesson learnt you do some research on this forum as there are numerus posts regarding exchanging currency and weekend mark up on exchange rates.

I exchange the money during week not weekend as i have mentioned money in £s continues to lower I used revolut when exchanging to euros two months ago and my money stayed set once exchange so this makes no aense

If you were to exchange your money back to £ today you would get less because of the reduced weekend exchange rates. The figure in :r: is reflective of that.

I don’t want to exchange it back i need the zlty in Poland weds

the amount of PLN you have doesn’t change, it’s relative value in GBP does

You only need to exchange if you want to lock in a favourable exchange rate. :r: will exchange from £ if you don’t exchange.

GBPPLN is quite bad on weekends