Toping up fee

Is it normal paying fee by topping up???

Soooooooo vast question…

You can also say hi, it will not kill anyone…

You need to be more specific. How did you top up, which currency …

Revolut don’t charge a fee, however your bank might. Especially if you’re topping up in a different currency than the source of funds.

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Hi There,
I am sorry i just got confused and thought it was spam.
I have just a question about the fees by toping up, as my friend who
introduced me to Revolut meant i should’t pay any fee at all.

Well, still, you need to be more specific :wink: Which currencies are involved, by transfer, by card? Because in certain situations, you might run into fees.

I am using sterling, from my Barclays account

No fees if you’re using the account details as shown under GBP, local, then. :wink:

Hi there. Topping up via debit or credit card in GBP, EUR, USD, PLN, DKK, SEK, NOK, RON, and CHF is completely free.

If you top up with a card that was not issued within the European Economic Area (a US-issued card for example) or with a commercial card, we may charge you a small fee to cover our costs. In these cases, it might be cheaper for you to top up by bank transfer

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For new Swiss users:
Not exactly true, topping up CHF with Swiss cards is not free at all because not EEA, be aware of that, it is tricky.
Only way to top up CHF for free is to use a EEA card like the Transferwise card for example.
Read this topic first: SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods (update: May 2018)

For Czech users:
Topping up via debit or credit card in CZK is free too ;-).