Toping non-base account from non-base card


I am a Romanian having EUR account, card and income.

How can I go around Revolut’s RON forced currency reference ?

All my financial operations are in EUR :frowning:

RON account and card are useless for me.

the card I am issued, it is in RON ?

How can I get a Revolut EUR card as a Romanian?

(this is supposed to be easy :slight_smile: )

if you keep EUR balance on your account, EUR transactions will take the money from there.
and to top it up send your romanian Euros to the Local EUR IBAN (SEPA) on the details of your EUR balance

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I think I got it :slight_smile:

Card is not using the traditional card to account link,
but account is dynamicaly selected,

so that card has actually all account defined currencies,
not a single one, as a regular card

thanks alejandro :slight_smile: