Актуализиране на данъчната информация - България

От известно време потребителите от България започнаха да получават съобщения за необходимост от актуализиране на данъчната информация. Аз също получих такова съобщение. Трябва да въведа държава, в която плащам данъци и своето ЕГН.
Кому е необходима тази информация и кой и за какво ще я ползва ?
До сега бях доволен от Revolut, че работеше без такива задължения. Сега съм притеснен. Какво ще се случи, ако не въведа исканата информация ?

For some time now, consumers in Bulgaria have been receiving notifications about the need to update tax information. I also received such a message. I need to enter a country where I pay taxes and my PIN.
Who needs this information and who will use it and for what?
Until now, I was pleased with Revolut that it worked without such obligations. I’m worried now. What happens if I do not enter the requested information?

It’s in response to money laundering regulations across Europe and it’s really no big deal.
We have the same with our LIT accounts as were are tax resident in France. All that is required is your Country of tax residence and your tax reference number (TRN) after which you will no longer receive the reminders.

It could flag you up with the tax officials in your Country of Residence as non-compliant forcing a contrôle of your tax affairs and a more in depth investigation - never a good idea!
:r: are obliged by law to share your details with your Country(ies) of Tax Residence and may be required to impose withholding tax on any interest payments you may be due. If you fail to comply, :r: may be entitled to close the account and hold monies until able to release them (after compliance).
It’s a serious matter and requires your attention.

Thanks for the detailed answer.
The personal number is part of the personal data and I am worried about who will use it and how.

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