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Hi all! My Revolut app is asking me a verification code to find on my Barclays statement. I tried to type in but unfortunately did not go through, apparently. At the moment I have only the option to talk to Rita, the robotic customer support. Rita has not been helpful. Please, could you help me to sort it out?

As a result, my account is blocked I need to unblock asap.




Type “live agent” in the chat to be forwarded to a person.


Thank you Frank.

Well, as you suggest, I tried with live agent. 20 minutes on the chat waiting my problem will be escalate to someone. No result.

Anything else to suggest? Do u know email or even better phone number for customer service?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



I’ll mention @AndreasK and @jessicaszabla, they can help you. :wink:


Hi !

Yes please mention them asap. It’s urgent.

Thank you so very much!


No problem.

They agents may be slow as it is :christmas_tree: even for Premium Users. :wink:

Good Luck,


Hi @Lucabarbagallo

So sorry for the hassle with that. If you’re still having issues please send me a direct message.


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