Top ups not 100% free anymore

Today, I noticed that Revolut started to collect a fee from top ups made by debit cards issued on non-domestic countries, business cards and credit cards.

And it’s a very high fee, 1,34% (1,34 EUR for a 100 EUR top up).

At least, Revolut should had sent an email prior to this to inform all clients.


Could you please upload a screenshot? Thx!

It’s indeed also on their support pages…

Why was I charged a fee for my deposit?

If you add money with a card that was not issued within your home country, with a credit card, or with a commercial card, we may charge you a small fee to cover our costs. We will disclose this fee to you before you add any money.

Yes, but it’s a Portuguese-language text. But you can search for “fee” (translated to your phone language) on the help section of the Revolut app:

Basically it says that if someone adds money to his/her Revolut account, with a debit card issued on a different country of origin, with a credit card or with a business card, Revolut could ask for a small fee to cover it’s costs. Revolut will show the fee prior to the top up transaction.

I believe there have been various fees for specific cards for a long time. For years, actually. They just didn’t recognize one of my business cards as a business card for a while. But that changed for me months ago. I don’t think this is a recent change at all.

Thx. But were you actually charged this fee while topping up?

Revolut asked for more money to my bank. I then cancel the transaction on my origin bank.

I live in Portugal, I was trying to make a top up from a N26 debit card (German bank) to my Revolut Lithuanian bank. All 3 countries are in the SEPA, and all my accounts are in EUR.

I know that business cards and credit cards could have higher interchange fees, and that costs money to Revolut, but collect fee just because there are different countries debit cards (all in SEPA)?? Isn’t this IBAN discrimination by Revolut? :thinking:

I just did a test for €10 with my Dutch Creditcard and wasn’t charged any fee.
Most of the time I top up with a UK Debitcard, also did that a couple of days ago, without any fees. I hope that hasn’t changed and I can still top up without a fee with that card.

Is a diferent country from here you live?

I know that other Portuguese customers also were charged. (I don’t put the screenshots here, because they aren’t mine.)

I live in the Netherlands and my Creditcard is issued there. But how I read it, you can also be charged a fee when using Creditcards issued in your home country.
The Debitcard I normally use is from a different country (UK) than my home country.

You used a credit card and Revolut didn’t charge you. And it charges others with debit cards, weird.

Yes. credit cards and business cards are all charged, no matter where they were issued and where you live.

The strangest for me is, charging fees just because the debit card was issued in a country different from where you live, even if they are all in SEPA.

So still free if you have a card from your home country

Like a local Bin curve card


First time i heard that

Yep, that’s probably correct. At least for Debitcards.

I personally still have a UK BIN Curve card and until recently I didn’t want to change to a Dutch BIN :slightly_smiling_face:, but this might be a reason to make me change.

Strange - I top up my Bunq card with my Revolut card (both €) via SEPA because the transaction is instant from Revolut (from Monese and Starling to Bunq it takes 12-24 hours, but is fee free), I hadn’t thought about it in reverse.

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Hi, I noticed that too. 1,34% fee. I think it´s pretty expensive. It didn´t use to be like that until recently. If they really do charge that fee now, I will cancel using Revolut. Doesn´t make sense for me any more if I have to pay for top up with my Mastercard.

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I made a top up on Monday no fee

Could someone who has been charged a fee for topping up clarify at what point it became clear that a fee is charged? Is it after the transaction was made or before?

It appeared before I did the top up. So I cancelled it.

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Sometimes Revolut recognives the cards wrongly as merchant/ bussines cards. Try contacting the supportt :slight_smile:

I think the helpdesk is purposely vague because Revolut serves many countries with different rules.

This is what it states in the country-specific fee schedule:

If you pay with an EU-issued card, and it is a consumer card, then they are neither allowed to surcharge on debit or credit. But they are allowed to surcharge corporate cards, both debit and credit.

What is of interest here is the BIN of the card. It might just be an error. Just press “Report issue” and enter the prompted information.