Top ups declined due to new address

Hello there.

Tried to top up my Revolut account via bank card and payment has been declined because of addresses mismatch.
Changed address to a new one (moved recently) but top ups still being declined; tried to top up using Apple Pay and it worked perfectly.
I saw some topic here about new address verification but cannot find where I could do that (apart from updating information on my actual profile). I have verified my account so it seems that you need a proof of my new address.
Can you please tell me how can I prove it?

Many thanks,

Hello @Gerda,

Yes, that would be possible as Apple Pay has different AVS and security protocol checking.

In order to change your home address on your profile you will need to provide a proof of the new address. This could be a utility bill or a bank statement.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.

Where do we send this new proof of address to? I’m having the same issue and would like to get it sorted out asap. Thanks

Support chat! Aks to be forwarded to a live agent. I would write them and provide them all necessary informations and documents so that an agent can solve the problem without getting back to me. That might speed things up and help avoid the hassle of discontinued chat sessions.

Hi Frank
Thanks, I’ve tried both your suggestions, actually, to no avail. My support chat comes up as “offline” and my messages aren’t even being delivered. I’ve tried Twitter, but doubt they’ll come back anytime soon. It sucks because if the support chat doesn’t get “online” then there’s no real way to contact them and get this sorted out. Thanks for the help, tho!

Suport times (from their website):

Mon—Fri: 6am—10pm
Sat—Sun: 12pm—6pm (UK time)


I am facing same problem. Where should I provide address proof and how much time should it take?