"Top-up your Revolut account in Czech Koruna!"


I have got an email from Revolut few days ago:

"Top-up your Revolut account in Czech Koruna!

We have some awesome news - you can now top up your Revolut account in Czech Koruna! To celebrate, we’re giving away free Revolut cards in Prague on the 18th October. Come along and bring your friends and family!"

So, now I am trying to find CZK in the list of top-up currencies in app. But CZK are not listed there! :frowning: It was a joke from Revolut? :frowning:

You’re probably looking for badly. But unfortunately, the CZK can now be added only by SWIFT transfer. So, with great fees. (From 100 CZK above.)

Hi there!

@ViR is right. We have recently added CHK for transfers into your Revolut account.

Will you add a card or cz iban top up, and when? Because its kinda useless right now. When i saw Czech crown top up i orderd a premium to use revolut everyday but i cant because i loose money on every topup. Now i do think to cancel again my premium acc. I orderd phone insurance, premium and all this stuff because i wanted to give revolut a chance to be my everyday account but i cant. And nobody can say anything about time frames.

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It works now only for wired transfers :frowning: I tried to do it and lost 200 CZK on fees.

@rudomilov What amount did you transfer?

500 CZK. 200 CZK is the fixed fee for international wire transfers at my bank (Fio). It is not possible (I guess) to send CZK as “europayment” or another cheap method.

@rudomilov Oh so. SWIFT payment is a way to hell. 500 CZK ~ EUR 20. When you top up EUR 20 to Revolut by using Fio paymentcard, you will pay an additional fee about 0.60 CZK for one EUR.That’s about 12 CZK. And that’s a lot (still), because it is about 2.35%. Check out Europlatba.CZ and Citfin.CZ. Alternatively, at Transfewise.com.