Top Up with UBS CH no charge?


I just did a transfer from UBS to my account and selected the option :
"All charges to the Receiving account”. I expected to have a fee from 5.- CHF
deducted from the amount but to my surprise it isn’t the case!!??
How comes? Any similar experience from UBS users?
Thanks to confirm!


I think UBS charge at the end of the month


It has been reported by some UBS users that in case of “All charges to the Receiving account”, there is no fee at all. This might change any time, but it looks like it still holds:


Hi there!

I do not get how to use Transferwise to transfer from CHF to CHF. Can somebody help me?



Can also confirm for now, quite lucky UBS customers :-).


Is there really NO charge at the end of the month? I am so not used to that since UBS even charges for CHF credit card transactions abroad… :triumph:


Same here : no fees from UBS.

It may be due to the fact that UBS is the intermediary bank for :r: ( Loyd’s/Barclays too? ) regarding all CHF SWIFT transfer.