Top up with Maestro card charged with 1.5% by Revolut!!

It seems that Revolut is charging Top up account when you use a Maestro card even they don’t admit it.
In that case ~1.5% was applied to my friend’s top up operation made few days ago.
For 1000 lei top up he was charged on his Maestro card with 1014.44 lei (romanian card). Of course the issuing bank of Maestro card hasnt charged anything because it’s an online payment.

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Hi there,
I’m experiencing the same issue as of today with my VISA card (I’m a premium user). It would seem only certain banks are affected as my friends (some of whom are non-elite) don’t have this issue. I would reckon that you’ll be charged if your bank uses a third party payment provider for their card transactions instead of an in-house one.
Further clarification by Revolout will of course be welcome

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Should be fixed hopefully soon, I’m one of the affected as well!

The bank replied that they received from merchant a debit order for Maestro card in EUR!!! not in RON as initiated in top-up.
Amount asked by Revolut 214.56 EUR x 4.728 (exchange rate of the bank) = 1014.44 RON.
Revolut, we expect to admit that you usually charge Maestro cards in other currency than the one client ordered and by that you generate a loss to your clients.

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So, Revolut keeps telling customers that they have nothing to do with these differences, that their fee is 0, that it’s the bank fault/fees, but they are the one that initiate a wrong currency top up, generating additional costs to the customers

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Same case here.
Card BRD Romania Mastercard in RON (Not Maestro).
8 feb - top up 250 RON/no fees in revolut, in reality 253.31 RON from the account
10 feb - top up 1000 RON/no fees in revolut, in reality 1015.16 RON from the account.

Revolut says that they did not extra charged.
BRD says that they did not requested any additional fees and anyway any additional fee would be clearly highlighted in the bill.

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I am affected as well. I used a Mastercard issued by OTPBank Romania and ended up being charged 1015 RON for a 1000 RON topup due to a double conversion RON-EUR-RON.
Revolut support have been thoroughly unhelpful, to put it mildly.

Same problem here. My BRD RON account linked to a Mastercard - debit card - is being debited with a sum greater than my Revolut RON topup amount.

BRD issued an official document stating that each compensation request from the “merchant” came from a Hungarian bank and EUR denominated. The difference comes from the FX.

I provided this document to Revolut a few weeks ago and nothing. Revolut app/chat support is not helping at all. Each time I enquire about the status of the issue I get a big BS. I have to explain everything all over again. I’m not even sure the operator gets anything from it. In the end they put me on hold again.

I wonder if I could talk with someone technical?

So, what’s the status of this issue, has been solved?

My bank account has just been supplementary charged with 14.28 RON at OTP. The bank says is because Revolut requested Euro instead of RON.

Thank you

Same is happening for me with Unicredit. Called them and they said that because I am paying only to a company outside of Romania, they are processing the transactions via EUR ( even though the topup in Revolut says RON and the payment in Online Banking shows as source payment incoming being RON ).

Spoke to some friends and they say for example Banca Transilvania does not do this.

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Hi there, the same thing happened to me with First Bank Romania (ex Piraeus Bank Romania). My card is Visa Electron debit card.
They charged 1,01% supplementary. After a few e-mail exchanges they told me that the problem is that Revolut is sending the amount in some sort of currency which makes this to happen.
I am not convinced as other banks do not charge for this (Banca Transilvania, ING).
The only solution a found for now is to post a complaint at OPC and to change the bank.

1 year later and problem not fixed for Romania users? Amizing :clap: :roll_eyes:

If they’re billing them in RON then I don’t see how this is Revolut’s fault?

Perhaps it’s a case of “foreign country” payments being charged rather than foreign currencies?

If it says RON online I don’t believe they’re processing it in EUR like the bank says.

I had a similar problem. At the end it was my bank who actually charged me and not Revolut.
You should contact your bank and ask them why you were charged more and tell the community the name of the bank so people know no to use them.