Top up with bank transfer from German account

Hi, what’s the best way to top up Revolut account from German account? At the moment I have only Girocard (Maestro) so I probably need to top up with bank transfer… I can live with waiting time but is it possible to use TransferWise to avoid commission? Also, what’s the cost of such transfer from Commerzbank?

Also, I noticed that I can do a SEPA transfer from my online account. Will that get through if I transfer to bank number displayed in Revolut app?

Yes, you can use TW to topup your Revolut

If you have activated your local EUR account (tap on the EUR account and look for the Lokal tab) in the Revolut app, if you are sending EUR as currency and if you are executing a regular SEPA transfer, there are no fees whatsoever. It does not matter what your sending German bank is. I’ve tried with Sparkasse and DKB and it works without problem.

You don’t need to use TW for that, you can but you don’t have to.

Actually EUR is my most used currency in Revolut - especially given the fact I just moved to Germany and Revolut was better option than card from Polish bank denominated in Polish Zloty… :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the info. I transferred some small amount to test and if it works fine I’ll top the full amount I planned for this month. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Be sure to not break your top up limits though. This limit has hit a few users and support is overwhelmed right now.

And that brings me to another question: how can I rise the limit? For now I am quite safe from it but starting this month I am going to increase the flow on Revolut account quite heavily and by the end of the year I’ll probably reach total of 10k€…

You will be able to raise your limit when you get nearer to it. It currently takes about 4 days to approve so as long as you allow time for :r: to process you shouldn’t have any problems.

Here’s an article that explains how to increase your limits:

Hi, could I understand how you transfer from Sparkasse?
Are you using the online bank directly or went to the bank? Cause I have tried with online banking, it didn’t work…

What’s the problem? Just do a regular SEPA transfer to your Revolut IBAN as shown under EUR, local.

If your Sparkasse online banking does not accept the foreign IBAN, talk to your branch, international transfers are most likely blocked for security reasons. They are happy to change this for you.

Just a regular SEPA transfer in the Sparkasse banking app, using the bank details of the Revolut EUR account as recipient
(Sorry for the late reply but I’m not a regular visitor of the Revolut forum anymore, because I have basically given up hoping to hear anything new regarding Apple Pay etc.)


Easisest and quickest way for me was GooglePay. So here are the steps;

  • Go to your German bank app
  • Create a virtual card from the cards section and add to GooglePay
  • Open Revolut and go to Euro account
  • Click to to ‘add money’ > Change > GPay

All is set, your top up will be done in few seconds.