Top up with Android Psy.

A warning to those of you who use Android Psy to top up. I just tried to use it and Revolut did not charge my Android Pay ‘default’ card but a secondary one in my Android Pay app.

I assumed the default card would be charged.

This caused me a problem because my default card is a UK bank GBP account. The secondary card that was charged is a US bank USD account. So my GBP top up was charged in USD to my US account.

Very frustrating. The support chat are unable to refund the charge and so to correct the error I need to transfer the money back out. Taking up to 5 days.

Since I don’t know what card will be charged I can’t use Android Pay for my top ups.

support for paying from multiple card in android pay is new.
you should be able to pick which card you will pay from

I had the same issue. I thought I was topping up my card from my debit account (via Android Pay) but instead it used my credit card.

I ended up paying a £15.00 cash advance fee which means that any savings I make using the Revolut card are negated by the fact that I’ve had to pay the fee. I won’t be topping up via Android Pay again! :unamused:

when paying with android pay, it clearly states which card it will be used.
Dont blame it on @revolut or android pay, if you choose to use the wrong form of payment

I don’t want to argue the point but it didn’t work for me. There was no option to select a card when I topped up.

I only have one card in my android wallet so i cant really test further.
but when asked to pay with android pay, if you have multiple cards, i would expect for it to ask you which card to use.
or instead, it will use the default one


Pay with a non-default card
You can make a one-time payment with a non-default card. If you want to switch cards for future purchases, you can change your default card.

To use a card other than your default card:

Unlock your device.
Open the Android Pay app.
Tap the card you wish to use for the transaction.
Hold the back of your phone against the contactless payment terminal.
If prompted, choose “Credit” regardless of your type of card.
For debit card transactions, you may have to enter a PIN. Use the PIN you set up with your bank.