Top-up with American Express

Ability to top-up using American Express would be a huge advancement for the London market


American Express is charging so much fees to the vendor, I would rather keep Revolut “free” than adding Amex.
Also when paying with Amex we earn miles, so by topping up our Revolut account and then paying our Amex bill with it we could generate an unlimited amount of miles without real spending, sounds fun but I guess it would be an issue.

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I hope also to get American express but we can tell the consumer to pay the fees. Im ready to pay some fees to topup with my Amex. I hope not big fees anyway

You can now bypass that by using Apple Pay or something similar.

hope that might help you out

Agree that would be huge plus, a deciding factor even, to users who only have / actively use AMEX. Revolut already charges 1% for credit card top-up. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to charge a higher percentage for using AMEX.

Amercian Express charges 1.99% to merchants who would like to accept payments.

I would be OK with a 2% surcharge for American Express top up – simply to have the option.

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You may be able to do this soon via Curve, when its Amex beta goes public, as long as the topup isn’t treated as cash

You want to say that if you have American Express linked to ApplePay you can top-up Revolut with Amex using “top-up with ApplePay” option in Revolut app? Thats strange because i know that if merchant dont support paying with American Express directly (using card) you cant use your Amex linked to ApplePay as well… :thinking:

Still no update about American Express top-up???

No this will not work.

Probably the fees from AMEX are too high and if top-ups would be treated as cash then it would be another 4% on the user.

I’d be happy to pay the Amex fee to top-up my Revolut. Would be game changing.
You could use your “top up with business credit card” code to do so, I guess.

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I support you tonineri

I think AMEX will not allow this to avoid letting me money run around in circles.