Top up with a non EU or USA Credit or Debit Card?

I wonder if it is possible to top up with a non EU or USA cards. I have got a friend from Ecuador who would like to top up with her Ecuadorian Card.

Is there any way to do it? If not, are you thinking on implementing a solution for this cases?

Many thanks

Yes, this is possible, but some additional fee will be applied (ask in your bank), because there is no Ecuadorian currency in Revolut, available as a separate wallet. (At this moment :wink:)

Thanks a lot. The Ecuadorian currency at the moment is USD by the way

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If that😂- that means it should be possible.
It should be treated as a usual online transaction. Just topup your USD account.
But remember about fees:

This fee should be visible in the app during operation.

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@dbuitrago Could she finally make the top-up? What card address did you use: the Ecuador card or the revolut card?