Top Up was Declined


I’m trying to top-up for the first time on my samsung s7 revolut app. But every time I top up using my visa card, it was declined. My visa card has no problem using it online as I used it for online shopping. It was declined twice already.

I’ve read some issues with the Android bug related to what I’m experiencing.

Is the bug already fixed with the latest update?
Can someone from revolut team take a look my declined top up if its really on your side or something else?

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How much you want to top-up?
In the beginning, there is a “top-up” limit (CC)

Im only trying to top up 10 euro then I tried 20. both of them declined.

On this forum you can find info that in some cases, when you’re card uses 3D Secure, out can be problem with default web browser.
What you can do:

  • change default web browser to Chrome or
  • log out then log in or
  • reinstall the app
    I hope it’ll help.
    If you want to contact support- use in-app chat, and… be prepared for long waiting.
    Or use Twitter/ Facebook too contact them.