Top Up w. US Credit Card

Hi, I want to top up with my US credit card. Will it be charged like a normal purchase or like cash in advance with a higher APR ?

Hi @C0ldwater,

Unfortunately, if your card issued in the States you will not be able to top up with it. As cards issued in the US are not supported.


Andreas K.

I use US debit cards to top-up all the time … but indirectly through Apple Pay. Capital One 360 and Schwab Bank are the best for this purpose.

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Ok thank you for letting us know. I wasn’t aware if this can be done through Apple Pay :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reply ! So I will try to top up with apple pay and my credit card from BOA.

If you plan to top up often, do yourself a favor, sign up for a Capital One 360 or Schwab account. You won’t pay fees or higher percentages. Ally Bank is excellent too but you’ll pay 1% additional for every transaction, well worth their excellent 24x7 service.

Being able to top up using a USA debit card through Apple Pay is the single thread that binds me to Revolut. When IBANs become available, that might add another thread.

Top up w. Apple Pay and a US credit card worked wonderful. You can top up and bypass the restrictions with apple pay. Thanks for introducing that ! @anon33247966
I topped up $40 and paid 1,60 fees for credit card / Apple Pay. Which is a fair amount.