Top up via U.K. Bank transfer on a weekend?

Simple question really, if I am to top up my card using my individual sort code and account number on a weekend, will it appear in my account over the weekend, or am I likely to see it Monday?

Obviously using the faster payment methods associated with HSBC.
Anyone had any experience with this?

I sent money this morning from my HSBC account and it’s yet to show.


I’ve seen incoming transfers that showed up on weekend days. But I don’t have experience with the combination HSBC to Revolut.

Weekend top ups with my UK HSBC debit card show up immediately. As do Euro top ups using a Euro account debit card.
Not too sure with bank transfers. While the payment from HSBC will use the faster payment system, meaning it should be credited almost immediately, in practice some banks, and particularly some building societies that are not mainline banks, show the credit on the next working day.

No, bank transfers are processed during weekdays. If it has been received on Friday it might appear on your account during weekends but they are processed only on weekdays.

Erm, not quite. In the UK there is the Faster Payments electronic bank transfer scheme, which works 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week, which allows almost instant transfer of funds.


The issue here is that certain financial institutions get the funds electronically immediately but choose not to credit the recipient immediately, but only on the next working day.

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Also I’ve just checked Revolut’s sort code online, and it clearly shows that they ARE registered for the Faster Payment service. So it just depends when Revolut choose to credit the customer’s account, either immediately or the next working day.

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ah I see sorry I was wrong then.

I think went on yesterday! So I can confirm is the same day. Tried a smaller amount today as well so I will let you know if it also credits on a Sunday.

Cheers guys :slight_smile: