Top up via Mastercard is rejected


Location: Belgium
Type of Card: Mastercard, issued by bank

  1. Card gets recognised through app.

  2. Verification using a physical card reader is requested (normal procedure - done through external party)

  3. Verification is succesful

  4. Topup is declined.

Tried three times, did not work. Support says the problem is with the bank that issued the card.
How can I solve this


Hi @niels,

If you haven’t resolved this issue please send me a direct message with your phone number so I can take a look into your account.


hello-i have the same problem.
I created a revolute account and I can not load money online with my mastercard. It is stated that the payment could not be authorized. My bank tells me it can not do anything and Mastercard tells me it’s because Revolut is not secure. What should I do?
I also have another problem: when I want to change my phone number in the application, I do not receive the SMS or the call with the number to encode.
First experience with difficult revolut :frowning:
Thanks for your help