Top-up via Bank Transfer


Hello, I want to ask you about something.

When I am trying to top-up via bank transfer with euros, there is no reference number on the particular page.


Yes, if you have your personalised EUR IBAN account you don’t need a reference anymore as the account is under your name and has a unique IBAN.


I’ve done a transfer from my french bank yesterday and today, my money is already on Revolut. So, there is no problem with the personalised IBAN account. It works like the other EUR account.


Hello Kar , From which French bank are you doing the transfer? because for me it remains impossible to make a transfer to my new LT IBAN with GB BIC from FORTUNEO Banque so I’m longing to have the new all GB account…


From Fortuneo. I have a GB IBAN with a GB BIC


Thanks for your feddback , Just checked my Revolut account and still LT IBAN I will have to wait for the rolling out to reach my account , hope this won’t last too long…


At last I got my new all GB IBAN on tuesday , registered my IBAN on FORTUNEO for transfers on wednesday , waited 24h for my bank to approve it , made a transfer on thursday and the funds have cleared my Revolut account today so 24h after ordering the transfer instead of 72h before with the old method , thanks Revolut!