top up via bank transfer euro


I has top upping my euro account by bank transfer NLD. normally in two days the money is added on my account but now I am waiting still.


update: I used the IBAN number only and I has not a reference number, maybe that is the problem. My bank has transferd normal the money to Revolut in Euro!


Have you used an IBAN that starts with LT or one starting with GB?


I used a LT number LT48 3920 xxxxx xxxxxxx


You don’t need the reference number with the LT IBANs, so that should be fine.

However, currently there are clearance and routing problems to the LT IBANs, it seems Some banks are confused by the different country codes. of BIC and IBAN.


Ok I understand, the bank ABN of the Netherlands has except the transfer and in the future the banks are less confused, I have to give the bank more time.


Ok, it is done last week on monday. Now we have an euro account, can we transfer money to Cape Verde?
I have there also an euro account. And what are the cost for transfer?