Top-up using Curve card

Hello guys,
I’m trying to use my Curve card to top up the Revolut balance and I have 2 questions.

Why revolut applies fees even if the curve card is a debit one?
And second I’m in europe and I can’t change the currency of that card to euro, because revolut automatic sees it as a UK issued card. I know that’s true, but how can I change it?

Here is the screenshot of my test, trying to upload 100 euro from my bank card using curve as middle man. My local bank holds 100 euro but because of the revolut fee the transaction declined.

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Was that card issued in EU?

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As far as I know, Cuve is registered as a business card. That’s how they make money: with the spread between the regulated fees for consumer cards and business cards. (At least this is how it used to be. I’m not sure if it is still the case, I am not a Curve user myself.)

Since topping up with “business” cards results in higher fees for Revolut, they charge an extra fee for using them, similar to why foreign, non EEA issued card have higher fees.

Would that explain it?

Yes, crafted in London and issued by Wirecard card solutions ltd, as it says on the back.

Thanks for your answer.

So, is that fee going to be in every transaction from now on? I mean if I pay my morning coffee through a pos device it would be the price of coffee plus a business card fee?

You’ll be charged during topup NOT during paying by revolut card

No. These fees are merchant fees. The coffee shop will have to pay for it.

Since topping up your Revolut account with a card is basically like paying in a shop, Revolut would have to cover the costs. And since Revolut itself issues consumer cards, they would make a loss with every penny that you’ve topped up via Curve and then spend with Revolut.

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Right, I’m trying to figure out why there is a fee using a debit card issued in Europe or UK.

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Not only non-EEA come with a fee, also business cards. They are not covered by the EU regulation that limits fees to 0.2 % or 0.3 % respectively.

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have you read my answer from second post (above)? I mean- attached link

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That explains it. Thank you.

Do you have a commercial Curve card or a personal one?

Initially Curve was only a commercial prepaid card. Since about January this year they’re also issuing personal full debit cards (not prepaid).

There’s a fee if you top up with the commercial variant of Curve. It’s completely free if you top up with the newer personal debit Curve card. I changed my Curve card from a commercial card to a personal one to avoid fees, as the new EU regulations banning fees on EEA issued cards do not apply to commercial cards, but only to personal cards.


That’s interesting.
I had the commercial prepaid and since last week they sent me the new debit card. It’s also a commercial as it is written on the card, I guess.

Fantastic, so I have to re issue the curve card as a personal this time to avoid fees, right?

Yep. That’s right. You have to specify to Curve that you want a personal card.

I assume you’re in the UK? The commercial card is available in most EEA countries. The personal card is more limited so far. To the UK and a few other EU countries.

Thanks again!

Excellent. I’m in Greece and I’m looking for a list of countries which are supported without any luck. Although it’s worth a try.