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Hello, sorry for posting here but I cannot seem to find an answer. I’ve been promoted to a standard member but still do not have access to start my own post. I’m hoping someone might be able to help as I am very new to revolut and not really sure what I am doing.

I am currently residing in Australia so my home currency is AUD. I am using revolut to make use of their high exchange rates and have purchased some Japanese Yen.
I have also opened a HSBC Global bank account with a Yen account there.

I am trying to transfer the currency purchased in revolut to HSBC (under 2k). I am doing this via new transfer → bank recipient → Country of recipient bank (Australia) → currency is Japanese Yen (as this is what i have only in revolut). Ive entered my BSB and account number, along with HSBC SWIFT code.
However, upon transfer, it asks me for an international payment fee of 776yen.
Am I doing something wrong? I understood that transferring between banks with the same currency should not incur a fee.

Any help would be much, MUCH appreciated.

Thank you


Here’s the price list for Australia:

This rule seems to apply for you here:

Transfers in currencies other than the local currency of the recipient country: Fees apply.*

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Ah okay thank you. I have colleagues telling me they have been able to transfer with no fee but perhaps it wasnt foreign currency.

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It’s great to see that your issue has been resolved @vcwk. Welcome to our community. :hugs:

Thanks for helping out @Frank. :star:

SG | Community Team

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