Top up - the payment could not be authorized


Hello, i’m trying to top up my revolut card and all the time i’m trying do do that the message “the payment could not be authorized” keep appearing and i’m not allowed to do that. Of course i have the money in the another card do do the top up and i put the details of visa card correctly. I’m new using the revolut so maybe i’m missing something. I already top up one time and it did well. I already verify my ID and i’m not trying to charge beyond the limite.

Please anyone can help me? I’m going to Edinburgh in three days and it will be good to have my card operational.

Thank youuu!


Did you verify also your top up card details? Maybe it can be an issue. Remember that only top up via card registered to your details is possible (not allowed to use some one else’s credit card)


Yes i already double check, already put a different card but always the same message. The strange thing is that in the first time i top up (to order the revolut card) everything went well. But now i don’t know what’s wrong


Hello I am trying to top up my revolut card and cannot can I please change the card and put the new details on