Top up supposedly reverted, but balance doesn't show that


A top up was reported as done. I bought something without problem, and a while later the top up was reported as reverted (which should make my balance negative). But my balance doesn’t reflect that; it actually is the expected amount if the top up was correct .

Is this a problem? Should I do anything?

I’m a software developer, so this feels like there was an underflow or something. Makes me nervous :P.


Top up by card? Did the funds show up again at the original source? Where did you get the notification that it was reverted if everything is alright in the UI?

What did their support say?


Yes, top up by card.

The funds are still locked in the source card’s history, as if the transaction had gone through correctly.

The notification appeared as a push notification from the Revolut app, and is also shown in the story of the Revolut account - see attached screenshot. (The card mentioned in various operations in the screenshot is always the same).

I don’t know whose support you mean. The only strange thing in the whole situation is the revert notification in Revolut’s side, so that’s why I’m asking here.


FWIW, Revolut’s account’s statement in the app (PDF format) does not show any revert. On the other hand, the statement also doesn’t show the 2 card payments I did yesterday and today, so… :confused:


Hey i would contact Support and ask them.

Form your screenshot it seems that there is a reverted top up and instantly after there is a new z100 top up. Which would even it out.

The two missing card payments, are you sure they aren’t visible on another currency?





Hey, I can see that the top up has been reverted back. Please allow 5 working days to appear in your account.