Top Up says Revolut is in Canada!

I Toped Up serveral times without problems with Portuguese debit/credit cards. But this month something different happened. In the extract from bank says “Compra - Revolutxxxx Canada”.
The problema is the “CANADA”. The bank is debiting 1,6% because it’s a payment for Canada not Europe.
Now the Top Up’s go to Canada?

I presume you are topping up euro, right? In that case a SEPA transfer might be a viable alternative.

Yes in euro. I know that i have the Sepa transfer option, but it’s way more easy to use the cards. What i want to know is if this “Canada” thing is really true…and will be the standard from now on!

Maybe it is the address of registered office which is Level 39 1 Canada Square E14 5AB London UK? Check the field beneficiar address, it should be this address, and it is in London, UK