Top-up Revolut with Skrill

I would like to know if I can top-up a Revolut card using Skrill Prepaid MasterCard.
Have anybody done this?
Thank you

Yes it should work fine.

This doesn’t work for me currently
Has anyone else experienced this?
A month ago it was possible to top up R with S
Looks like it’s something on Skrill’s side

I just successfully did a Revolut top up using my Skrill virtual MasterCard.

I succeeded too but with much smaller amount than originally.
They said that transactions which can result in direct cash access are restricted.
Which is understandable I guess.

What was the original amount you tried?

It was about 700 EUR.

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Thx for letting me know. I wonder how they will deal with smaller amounts that eventually add up to 700 euro or more.

I will try a smaller amount today or tomorrow and let you know.

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What was the “successful” amount ?

Sorry, haven’t done it yet. Last time 12 Eur got through. I’m guessing a bit more will be ok also.
Since Skrill doesn’t have a great FX rate I found ATM transactions via the Curve card worked well with larger amounts (by larger I mean a couple hundred Euros) so I went with that.

From your last response (writing you used it with Curve) it looks like you have been using your physical Skrill card to top up your Revolut account?

With my virtual Skrill card I have successfully topped up my Revolut account with several amounts, with €100 as the maximum single amount. But I don’t know if I won’t be successful when these single amounts add up to a certain threshold.

Actually I used the virtual card.

And today I did the transactions successfully, first 300 Eur and then 410 Eur. Both were successful.
Last month the one of 700 Eur wasn’t successful.

This leads me to believe that single transactions have to be smaller and then they can be added up to the original amount.

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has something changed in the last weeks / months, so that one can’t deposit to sports betting website by a Revolut card through Skrill?