Top up Revolut with Bank acc

I try to become a new Revolut user from Belgium (Euro).
If i want to receive a Revolut Card (to pay in magazines etc) i have to top up my Revolut Acc.
There are 2 ways : Top up with Visa or Bank Card.
I want to use my Bank card to top up my Rev Acc.

I really don’t find how i can top up my rev acc using my bank acc.
I already identify my bank acc by sending my ID card photo and bank card photo. It is accepted.

But when i click in the home screen on TOP UP -> bank card -> Selecting Euro -> i see a lot information but no idea what to do with that information?

Thank you for the respons,

Hey there @NiLZ :slight_smile:

You’re supposed to use that information to do a classic SEPA transfer with your current bank :money_with_wings:

If you don’t know how to do that, your current bank should be able to help you with it :slight_smile:

Hey @Juliopp,

Thanks for the answer. I’ll try to contact my bank and ask how it should be done! Thank you.

What is the diverence between topping via Visa or Bankcard?
If i pay with visa, do they still charge me some fee?

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If it’s a Visa debit card, no fee.

If it’s a Visa credit card, there will be a fee.

For reference:

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Oh @capital, you used my beautiful chart. You win my heart :star_struck:


Thank you @capital and @Juliopp !

It is a Visa credit card so it will be better if i top up my Revo acc with my bank card.

Also, if i wanna use a bank transfer, i need my ‘special’ reference number right?
Where do i find my reference number?