Top up Revolut from US bank account without fees

Hi everyone,

I will be shortly working in the USA. I have a Revolut account and I will receive my salary on a local US bank account. I’d like to be able to top up my Revolut account from this US account but if I understood correctly what I read here there may be fees due to the transaction from a US bank to Lloyds. However, someone on the forum said that those fees could be avoid by choosing a bank aving an agreement with Lloyds (here with US and UK account: Top-up in dollars from a UK dollar account). Will it work to top up my account, and if yes, do you know which american banks have such an agreement with Lloyds ?
Then, should I do the top up through a bank transfer (through SWIFT transfer ?) or by using the US credit card?

Thank you for your answers :smiley: