Top-Up Problem


I topped up my card last night and I can’t see the amount showing up. So far transfers to my Revolut account have only taken hours. When I contacted support I was told that if I haven’t used my 8-digit reference number that might be an issue BUT I’ve never used it before and I’ve never had problems so far. What should I do now? I’ve no idea where my money is - it’s in neither my bank account, nor my Revolut account.


Which currency? Which account details did you use? There are “personal” accounts that don’t need the reference, and there are “pooled” accounts that do. Just provide the support a receipt of the outgoing payment from your other bank that shows all the details.


Thanks, I just did and they said the money hasn’t reached my Revolut account yet. It’s a UK bank account and the currency is GBP.


Hi there.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We’re looking into it. I will keep you posted