Top up problem with wrong currency recognized


Hello, I have following problem with my revolut.

I try to top up my EUR balance with a prepaid EUR card. I had 10 EUR on this prepaid card and tried to top up my revolut with this amount (lowest amount possible to top up). The transaction didn’t go through.

Then I tried to top up my PLN balance (as it allows lower amount - 20 PLN which is less than 5 EUR) and the transaction went through but it has charged me with almost 6 EUR from the top up card. I think the reason was because of the double or exchange rate EUR -> GBP -> PLN.

I think the reason for this is because revolut app recognized my top up card currency as GBP card despite the fact that it is EUR card. The thing is I’m trying to top up my EUR balance, so there should be no exchange rates paid - 10 EUR top up sould equal 10 EUR on my revolut. The first 10 EUR top up didn’t work because I guess it tried to charge with bigger amount than was available (10 EUR).

The card is recognized as GBP card by default and I can’t change that. Sadly I won’t be able to use my revolut if it doesn’t work properly and the revolut live chat assist guy doesn’t understand where my problem is. Does anyone know any solution to this?


Hi Marcel.

As I can see the first attempt didn’t work because of insufficient funds. Make sure you have sufficient funds in and try again to top up with GBP.


I’ve had exactly 10 EUR on my top up card and wanted to top up 10 EUR. How is that insufficient amount? And why am I supposed to top up in GBP when my top up card is EUR and I want to use EUR on my Revolu balance?